Veronica Brown

Arturo Puckerin

President & CEO

Arturo Puckerin comes to IACAA with nearly a decade in Community Action and affordable housing experience, and is excited to continue developing economic and social opportunities in Illinois that help the most economically disadvantaged citizens access resources they need to pursue those opportunities and become more self-sufficient. 

Born in Brooklyn, New York to a military home, and having lived in various different communities throughout the country, Arturo carries a personal and professional passion for organizational development and community engagement in the design and delivery of human services that heighten self-sufficiency and social capacity through community action.

Mr. Puckerin attended Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, holds an MPA in Public Administration from Strayer University in Washington, DC., a BS in Criminal Justice from Buffalo State College and a Graduate’s Degree from Liberty University.

“Community Action continues to be the tip of the spear in our War on Poverty after over half of a century, and I am honored to be a part of our amazing Illinois state association.  We have a lot of great work to do!”