Join us in welcoming Giovanna Giacobbe as a speaker at this year’s IACAA Annual Conference. Giovanna has been a regular fixture in trauma-infomred trainings hosted by IACAA through the past few years. Her area of speciality if in trauma and PTSD. Learn more about Giovanna below. 

My primary goal as an educator is to provide an environment that challenges my students to be critical thinkers. Moreover, I feel it’s very important to motivate students to take an active role in their learning and readily apply their knowledge with their current practicum cases or case studies. My passion and dedication are to expand the understanding and impact of psychological trauma for my students through various methods such as cutting-edge research and/or clinically relevant examples to make the message as applicable as possible. I hope to inspire them and instill a passion for active learning and inquiry. It is through inquiry and active learning that we can shape and develop students to become future leaders in health and wellness.

Giovanna Giacobbe

Rutgers University

Giovanna Giacobbe, MSW, is a Senior Training and Consultation Specialist for Rutgers University in the Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Giovanna has had over 18 years of experience managing various research projects from the state of NJ, NIDILRR, NIH and NIMH that focused its research on severe mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, schizoaffective disorders, as well as substance abuse, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), personality disorders, smoking cessation, college students with psychiatric disabilities, Supported Housing, Supported Employment and Supported Education.

Giovanna currently teaches a trauma graduate course at Rutgers University for students in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Graduate Program. She is also a trauma consultant for the NJ State Psychiatric Hospitals. In this role she has authored a Stage 1 trauma treatment manual called: Managing Difficult Life Experiences (MDLE) and adapted a trauma manual called the “New Jersey-Trauma Addictions Mental Health and Recovery” (NJ-TAMAR), as well as helping them to implement Trauma Informed Care. She also serves as a member and trauma consultant to the NJ Centralized Suicide Prevention Committee and the NJ Centralized Trauma Informed Care Committee.

Giovanna has served as a trauma clinician for a PTSD research study and at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital implementing the NJ-TAMAR program and is responsible for training clinicians on MDLE and NJ-TAMAR trauma manuals and Trauma Informed Care at all four NJ state psychiatric hospitals. Ms. Giacobbe also serves as a co-investigator, clinical and assessment supervisor and trainer for research assistants on various PTSD research grants for her department.

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