The 2023 Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program Kickoff for CAA’s was Friday morning, February 24th, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. There were several of our Ameren Illinois territory CAA’s present to hear from Carla Walk-Miller and Diana Fuller with Walker-Miller Energy Services, Mick Prince with DCEO, and Kristol Simms with Ameren. They also brought in a great keynote speaker, Darnell Johnson with Urban Efficiency Group, who challenged us all to think broader than collaboration, and more toward interdependence; the state, the utilities, the contractors, and the CAA’s realizing that we need each other and can accomplish far more together than individually.

On Friday, January 27th, IACAA had a Field Day event with Champaign County Regional Planning Commission and our partner, Walker-Miller Energy Services. It was an opportunity to catch Corey, one of IACAA’s Weatherization Specialists, in action at an assessment and then talk about how this Pilot Staffing Program is going. Then on Tuesday, February 28th, IACAA had a Field Day event with St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department and our partners, Walker-Miller Energy Services, to see David, the other IACAA Weatherization Specialist, in action. We were able to get some footage for the presentation that Walker-Miller Energy Services will be giving at the National Home Performance Conference in April, regarding this Staffing Pilot Program. Through this Staffing Program, Corey and David will be assisting six of our CAAs within a one year timeframe, and many more after that.


For more information visit the Programs & Incentives page on the IACAA website. Or contact Nicole Popejoy, Director of Utility & Energy Programs, at 217-789-0125 ext. 121.