March was a big month for IACAA’s Weatherization Specialists, Corey and David!

On March 3, they said their goodbyes to the first agency they assisted in the Pilot Staffing Program with Walker-Miller. This was a bittersweet moment, as they developed great relationships with the agency staff over the six months they were with them through the time in TCP.

On March 6, they began their new journey with the second agencies as part of this year long Pilot Program. Shortly after starting at the new agency, Corey and David passed their Field Test with the State Tech so they could begin doing Assessments on their own. They have each completed several Assessments for the agencies, and have been able to be a part of Final Inspections, as well. Then, on March 31, they passed the Energy Auditor class at ICRT. Congratulations to Corey and David, on all of their achievements!

Nicole Popejoy, Director of Utility & Energy Programs, presents Corey & David with a congratulatory cake for passing their field tests.

For more information visit the Programs & Incentives page on the IACAA website. Or contact Nicole Popejoy, Director of Utility & Energy Programs, at 217-789-0125 ext. 121.